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40 albums from ECM and sister label Japo will finally be released to all major streaming outlets over the course of the next few weeks.
These are titles previously released on vinyl but never issued on CD.
Long out-of-print and sought after by collectors, they will now be making their debuts in the digital domain.
Today, albums by Julian Priester, Jack DeJohnette, Art Lande, Steve Kuhn, and Gary Burton will be among the titles made available by Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Qobuz, TIDAL and other streaming and download platforms.

Jack DeJohnette Directions/New Rags (ECM 1103)
Art Lande And Rubisa Patrol/Desert Marauders (ECM 1106)
Julian Priester and Marine Intrusion/Polarization (ECM 1098)
Tom Van Der Geld and Children At Play/Patience (ECM 1113)
Steve Kuhn/Non Fiction (ECM 1124)
Gary Burton Quartet/Picture This (ECM 1226)
Rena Rama/Landscapes (JAPO 60020)
OM/With Dom Um Ramao (JAPO 60022)
Alfred Harth, Heiner Goebbels: Es herrscht Uhu im Land (JAPO 60037)
Globe Unity Orchestra/Intergalactic Blow (JAPO 60039)

Output/Wolfgang Dauner (ECM1006)
Girl From Martinique/Robin Kenyatta (ECM 1008)
Improvisations For Cello And Guitar/David Holland/Derek Bailey (ECM 1013)
Dawn/Double Image (ECM 1146)
Faces/John Clark (ECM 1176)
Last years Waltz/Steve Kuhn Quartet (ECM 1213)
The Philosophy Of The Flugelhorn/Herbert Joos (JAPO 60004)
May 24, 1976/Larry Karush/Glen Moore (JAPO 60014)
New Marks/Contact Trio (JAPO 60024)
Out Patients/Tom Van Der Geld/Children At Play (JAPO 60035)


Vanessa/Michael Naura (ECM 1053)
Untitled/Jack DeJohnette’s Directions (ECM 1074)
Path/Tom Van Der Geld/Bill Connors/Roger Jannotta
(ECM 1134)
AH/Enrico Rava Quartet (ECM 1166)
Easy As Pie/Gary Burton Quartet (ECM 1184)
First Avenue (ECM 1194)
Lask/Ulrich P. Lask (ECM 1217)
Winterreise/Hajo Weber/Ulrich Ingenbold (ECM 1235)
Kirikuki/OM (JAPO 60012)
Musik/Contact Trio (JAPO 60036)


Just Music (ECM1002)
Lifelines/Arild Andersen (ECM 1188)
Gallery (ECM 1206)
Schattseite/Adelhard Roidinger (ECM 1221)
Opening Night/Enrico Rava Quartet (ECM 1224)
Everyman Band (ECM 1234)
Werner Pirchner/Harry Pepl/Jack DeJohnette (ECM 1237)
Children At Play/Tom Van Der Geld(JAPO 60009)
Rautionaha/OM(JAPO 60016)
Land Of Stone/Ken Hyder(JAPO 60018)


Music By/Barre Phillips (ECM 1178)(追記参照、’18年に配信とのこと)
Call Me When You Get There/Barre Phillips (ECM 1257)(追記参照、’18年に配信とのこと)
For All It Is/Barre Phillips(JAPO 60003)(追記参照、’18年に配信とのこと)

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